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Why do you need Carts for Bins?

Being able to recognise the importance of being able to customise our carts is very important to us. FlexQube carts provide much greater flexibility when creating the ideal kitting cart. We have developed hundreds of carts to manage a wide array of materials. FlexQube now has a large selection of different shelves and hanging components. Combining these components with the flexibility of our concept can make your material handling a dream. Using bins, totes and boxes within facilities is a very common form of material handling. These bins and boxes move within production plants to supply materials. Facilities can choose to move these materials using a “Just in Time” or “Kanban” system.

FlexQube offers a wide range of shelf carts and heavy-duty industrial carts to match any system. The carts are robust and flexible for efficient and ergonomic handling of bins and boxes. It could include blue boxes of all sizes, including the most common dimensions such as 15 x 12 inch, 20 x 15 inch or 600 x 400 mm, 400 x 300 mm and 150 x 200 mm. All different types of totes can be handled on FlexQube carts where you can choose to have different types of shelves. We offer different types of shelving on wheels such as flat shelves, angled shelves, roller shelves or roller racks, extendable shelves or shelves with drawers or pull out shelves. That gives you the most flexibility in choosing what suits your operations the best.

Cart in focus

Flow Shelf Cart - 1260 x 700 mm

This flow shelf cart is ideal for transporting small bins and boxes within your facility. It comes equipped with three flow shelves on an angle. This helps the operators fill and replace the totes. This cart also comes equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar, so this cart can, therefore, be transported within a tugger train system.

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Carts can be equipped with a tow bar for tongue and hitch functionality to be pulled behind a cart in tugger train setups. FlexQube can be used together with any type of tugger or forklift brand. We offer a heavy-duty tow bar with drop pin hitch or ergonomic tow bar with foot release functionality. We also offer a mother-daughter cart system where small carts can be disconnected from the mother frame and placed at workstations. These versatile shelf- and kit carts hold endless possibilities for configuration options. Let your imagination guide our designs. Some shelves can be installed with a quick-release feature to adjust levels and number of shelves. Shelves can be fitted at an angle for easier access.

Shelves may be installed so that they can be lifted vertically for fully open carts for larger parts. Some carts could be full of shelves and empty for larger parts or boxes on the bottom. Everything is fully customisable. We supply multi-drawer kit carts using drawer units that slide out for convenient access to parts. Configure your unique design together with a designer from FlexQube. Use wire mesh panels to secure content movement on all sides. We’ll work with you to build these to your specifications.

Shelves can also be equipped with a small handlebar for the operators to use when pulling out shelves or moving the complete cart around. The shelves are locked in place during transport with the locking plate on each side of the cart. Shelf height can easily be adjusted to different heights.

The solutions can also be adjusted with either more or fewer shelves. FlexQube offers shelf solutions for plastic storage bins, containers, totes with steel and plastic shelving, specialty carts, solutions for every industry. Our shelf carts feature multiple shelves for item storage as well as casters and handles for transportation. With our flat shelf carts, you can easily unload your heavy or oversized items. FlexQube offers different handlebar designs for convenient and ergonomic movement of carts and trolleys.

Store all different kinds of parts, components, containers or tools on our carts. All our shelf carts are made for bulk storage and the easy mobility of industrial materials. Purchasing a shelf cart from FlexQube means that you are buying the best heavy-duty shelf cart on the market. At FlexQube we carry a great selection of utility carts, service carts, and rolling carts. With various weight capacities and sizes, you can choose the utility cart that best suits your needs.

We customise your solution in real-time using our unique DesignOnDemand™, a DOD concept where you will connect with a designer on our end in a web meeting to finalise the cart in line with your specifications. We carry modular and flexible utility carts, ergonomic shelf trucks, heavy-duty hand trucks, solid shelf carts and wheeled trolley carts. We provide carts and material handling supplies to several different industries like the automotive industry, home appliance industry, industrial equipment makers as well as food and healthcare industries. At FlexQube you will find a wide range of utility cart styles and sizes to choose from.

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