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What is a roller transfer cart?

Thanks to the rollers the pallet easily slides off the cart when docked into the correct position. The roller’s height can be customized to fit the task at hand and the carts can either be equipped with heavy-duty floor locks or swivel and/or fixed casters for transportation.

Roller cart in focus

Roller Cart - 47 x 55 Inch - Q-100-1019

This 47 by 55-inch roller cart is specifically designed to easily load on and off fully loaded pallets and containers. This cart is very robust and can be fitted up against a loading rack or station. It is equipped with a handlebar for manual transportation and a drop pin and hitch tow bar so it can be transported in a tugger train system (learn more about transitioning from forklifts to tugger trains here). It is also equipped with 2-floor lock brakes and a locking system to lock the pallets and containers in place.

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Why buy roller carts from FlexQube®?

The FlexQube carts ith rollers offer a robust and flexible solution to easily moving industrial pallets and containers. Using rollers on your carts greatly improves the ergonomics for your operators. The rollers allow for an easy transition of heavy loads onto either pallet carts or another roller transfer station. On top of this, the FlexQube concept makes it very easy for you to create your own solution with rollers. We encourage our customers to get creative with their material designs and allow their ergonomic standards and the type of materials dictate the design of the cart. Also, you are not locked into this design for the future, if your materials change then it is very easy for us to adapt your existing cart and edit the design to improve your carts.

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