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What is a rack?

A rack is one of the key pieces of equipment used in warehouses and in material handling. It can also be commonly referred to as racking and is most commonly a set of steel/ metal frames to hold goods and materials. These goods and materials are most commonly stored on pallets which are then placed on the rack.

Flow Rack - 1540 x 2170 mm
Rack in focus

Flow rack - 1610 x 1190 mm - Q-100-0846

An 1190 x 1610 MM Flow Rack used for material presentation. This is a sturdy rack which is ideal for use of bins, totes or boxes. The shelves and levels on this rack can be easily altered to match your materials and work flow.

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Flow Rack - 2170 x 7350 mm

This large flow rack is used to store and move boxes. It is equipped with four flow shelves which are equipped with high-quality steel rollers that are installed according to the customer’s operation. This is a straightforward but yet robust solution for handling your materials. The quantity of levels and rollers is customizable depending on the requirements.

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Roller rack – 3080 x 10800 mm
Key benetfits

Why buy a FlexQube rack?

FlexQube racks can be easily customized using the FlexQube concept. Using our concept we are able to create and design transport racks, manufacturing racks, industrial racks, assembly racks, material racks and returnable racks for industrial equipment companies, automotive companies and other manufacturing companies. Our racks are not as sturdy as traditional racking solutions, however, when creating smaller racking solutions a FlexQube rack is perfect. In this category, there are also different custom made racks, fixtures and carts for sequenced and kitted material on assembly lines. It includes solutions for long, bent, standing components as well as body parts for the automotive industry. Some of our material handling applications are stackable for efficient space utilization in warehouse and on trucks between distribution centers or logistics center or warehouse and the manufacturing facility or assembly line.

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