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FlexQube offers material handling cart solutions to tilt or rotate a container or pallet for a more ergonomic work environment. We also offer rotating carts with spinning decks that allows the cart to turn and bring the material closer to the operator. The rotating and tilt carts can, and most of the time they are, be equipped with towing equipment. The tongue and hitch systems make it possible to connect these carts as pull behind carts in tugger train systems. That makes it more efficient to transport these carts in a train rather than one by one. The tilt carts and rotating carts can be adapted to different container sizes and to different weight requirements.

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Rotating Cart 50 x 50 Inch

This 50 x 50 inch rotating cart is ideal for handling pallets and large containers. Having a rotating pallet cart makes it much easier and much more ergonomic for the operator to access the materials. This cart is designed to fit into a STILL Liftrunner frame which means it can be used within a tugger trains system

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