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Why Small Carts?

Tool carts, small shelf carts and other types of smaller material handling carts by FlexQube are found in this category. Making kit-carts that are space efficient on the assembly and production lines are crucial in the manufacturing industry. In addition to that, the kit-carts needs to be designed in an ergonomic way so the operators and assemblers can pick the parts from the carts without too much effort. Lifting parts high up or too low of a cart will hurt the bodies of the operators. Therefore, FlexQube kit-carts are always designed with the operator in focus and all work where the cart is involved should be performed in the ergonomic zone.


Many times, we equip the carts with handlebars for convenient handling. Small carts are more often equipped with four swivel casters as well so they are easy to maneuver in compressed areas. The casters can be equipped with brakes as well.

Small cart in focus

Shelf cart - 830 x 420 mm - Q-100-0792

This smaller shelf cart is ideal for more efficiently transporting smaller plastic bins and boxes. It comes equipped with a tow bar so it can be transported in a tugger train system. It also comes equipped with handles so operators and assemblers can more ergonomically transport the cart.

As cabinet trolleys and carts with extendable shelves, small carts can be used for 5S work to store different tools close to the operators or assemblers. The small carts can have smaller casters to reduce cart footprint.

Carts with peg boards or tool boards can be used for 5S. With the FlexQube concept you can make your own custom-made peg board tool cart. Using mobile and portable carts like this will help present tools for quick, orderly identification, convenient retrieval and return and effective visual management while supporting 5S principles.

Smaller carts or trolleys can also be used in a so-called mother-daughter cart system where small carts are transported inside a mother frame and then taken out independent of each other and placed at work stations.

FlexQube has made several different versions of these designs where smaller shelf carts are placed inside a mother frame system. The mother cart is equipped with a tongue and hitch system so multiple carts can be connected in a train or FlexQube trolleys and dollies can be used together with other mother frame systems on the market, e.g. the STILL LiftRunner frames. These frames are of different types. With the E-frame type the dollies can be taken out on either the left or the right-hand side, in the direction of movement. With the B-frame the dollies can be taken out on either side. With the C-frame larger carts can be transported or even several trolleys in the same frame.


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