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What is a Tugger Cart?

Tugger carts are material-handling carts that have the option of both being towed by a forklift truck or tugger but also can be manually transported by an operator. The bulk of the time tugger carts are towed within what is commonly referred to as a “tugger train”. These are used within a set-out track, lane or route within a plant or facility to easily transport materials to different work stations. These are most commonly seen within facilities which embrace lean manufacturing or kanban systems for material handling and transportation.

FlexQube tugger carts in a tugger train

Why buy tugger carts from FlexQube®?

The FlexQube tugger carts are designed to match the dynamic and constantly changing environment material handling currently exists in. Materials are constantly changing which makes it difficult for purchasers and lean engineers to manage their fleet of material handling equipment. The FlexQube concept lets you purchase tugger carts now, but they can then be easily altered in the future.

Tugger carts are a pull-behind cart equipped with tongue and hitch and are a very common type of cart from FlexQube. We offer a wide range of different industrial carts that are robust and flexible and not welded together. This enables your tugger carts to be adjustable and adaptable to future needs. With the FlexQube system, the different carts can be connected to each other and form a tugger train for efficient and safe material handling operations. Some of the most common variants of this are the flat deck tugger carts with handlebars. The handlebar is removable and is placed at an ergonomic height for the operator.

FlexQube offers industrial tugger carts for use in delivering material from your warehouse to your production areas.

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